User experience reseacher, analyst
and designer from Melbourne


I am an user customer experience consultant designer researcher practitioner analyst person based in Melbourne, Australia. It's sometimes hard to pick the right words but what counts is that I love what I do!

I create outcomes that solve problems. By applying user centred design techniques, I help organisations design products that are great for people.

Luke Tellefson's face

I have ten years of proven product delivery experience as a UX designer and previously, a digital producer. I also hold a bachelor of information systems.

Combined, these give me a unique blend of skills to involve the user throughout the process of research, analysis, design ... and then actually making the thing! I am most familiar with products that leverage web and mobile technologies, but I get excited pretty much every time people and technology intersect.


I have experience applying UX techniques across the full product (and buzzword) life-cycle:

I am strong at designing how products work, I like collaborating with everyone; designers, developers, clients and business folk. I'm good at working with people to get great results and have fun. I have experience working in agile product development and have completed Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) for Leaders training.

My previous life as a digital producer has given me experience shepherding products through the production lifecycle. This has given me strong experience in collaborative design, solving problems of all shapes and sizes and managing product teams. I didn't really like counting beans, so I've loved shifting my focus to experience design!

By applying my combination of skills across the end-to-end process, I ensure that the user experience vision is delivered and that the right thing is built.


I am excited to apply my skills on projects that adopt lean UX principles. I think that a disproportionate amount of effort is spent (read: wasted) talking about building products compared to actually building products.

I want to experiment more with:


I like user experience design almost as much I like beer. I am an avid home brewer and I am attempting the impossible mission of sampling every beer in the world. My favourite styles include chocolate stouts, IPAs and hoppy reds.

When I am not thinking about beer (or, of course, my wife), I am also a leader of UX Melbourne and facilitate the UX book club.


To learn more about me, check out my Linkedin profile or my blog, the Naked IA.

I'm always interested to learn about opportunities to lend my skills to develop products using agile, lean and user centred design. You can also email me (at) or get in touch with me using this form.